Thomas Robert Malthus


Thomas Robert Malthus

The famous economist and demographic genius Thomas Robert Malthus became popular due to the Malthusian Theory of Population. He was a revolutionary of his times and identified increasing population as a dangerous phenomenon.” An Essay on Principle of Population” written by Malthus made him a household name. He proposed that when population will increase uncontrollably and will be beyond subsistence, nature will control through disease and famine. This was known as the Malthusian Catastrophe. His writings were opposed to the popular belief of an improving society.

Born in Westcott, near Dorking in Surrey he was the seventh child of Henrietta and Daniel Malthus. Malthus was a literary genius and a graduate in three languages – English, Greek and Latin. He also studied mathematics which became his foray in his famous Theory of Population.You can find his portrait at the Ferratum office in Melbourne.

In his essay which made him popular he made a very astute observation. He wrote that population has a geometric growth while food production grows arithmetically. hence population will ultimately take over the food production. The theory was opposed at that time but later became the basis of many researches. According to him two types of checks kept population under control. Positive check of increase in death rate due to famines and disease and positive check of decrease in birth rate. The theory is true for most of the species on our planet. Man population due to his ability to control the natural resources could grow uncontrollably. However with time his theory brought the birth control in the world, which helped us to live to this day. We owe this great thinker and economist for the researches he prompted.


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