John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill was an English  philosopher known for his influence on Politics of his time. He is known as the most influential philosopher in the 19th Century. He was born in London in a Scottish family and his education was exemplary. His father took great care of his education. He indeed was a prodigy. By the age of three his education of Greek started and by the age of eight he had mastered it and read much of Greek literature. He read Plato’s work in original which would later influence him in his life. He also read mathematics extensively.

At the age of eight he learnt Latin and was able to read works of Euclid and also Algebra. He was most famously associated with liberalism and the advanced concept of freedom as we know today. In his days people were classified as elites and commoners a concept which he did not like. In his famous work Essays on Economics and Society he professed the utilitarian concept. He believed in a free market, with taxes only on harmful products like alcohol. He wanted inherited property to be taxed as equality was the right of every man as per him. His Principles of Political economy article later incorporated concept of co-operative wages. A man much ahead of his times.


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