Andrew Leigh – Intriguing & Thought-provoking

Andrew Leigh - A Labour Man

Andrew Leigh is an intriguing Economist and Politician. His books make a refreshing read and are a definite change from the normal dry tomes! Now, in his third career as a politician for the Labour party, his seat is Fraser. Andrew Leigh’s view on the company tax cut makes equally insightful reading. Initially, he studied to become a Lawyer and worked in a number of prestigious positions before turning his sights to economy. At Harvard he studied Economy and later, became Professor of Economics at the Australian National University. Andrew Leigh has maintained a focus on the disadvantaged and inequality that remains constant in his work as a Labour politician. Having been a Labour member for all of his adult life, he has a reputation for not being a ‘political’ politician. Approachable and not tied down to party factions, he says he still thinks like an economist and that I would consider a good thing. I feel it brings a fresh perspective to inner workers of the party. If everyone functioned the same, no new initiatives would evolve and a stalemate would ensue. And we have seen enough of them! It will be interesting to watch what this charismatic man will bring to Australian politics.


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