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Irving Fisher


Irving Fisher is one economist whose clarity of words and theories set him apart. He always used mathematics to explain his theories and express it in such simple words that a graduate student can learn it by himself. The famous Theory of Interest is an example you can take any time.

He was born in New York on february 27, 1987. During his childhood Fisher exhibited flair for invention and aptitude for mathematics.His father was extremely religious and raised his son following all religious methods. However Fisher grew up to become an atheist. The death of his father at an early age of 53 meant Fisher had to take care of the family. He did so along with his studies. He got his degree from Yale college in 1888 and subsequently his first Ph.D in 1891. He is still one of the youngest Doctorates to have passed from Yale. His thesis Mathematical Investigations in the Theory of Value and Prices was published by Yale as a major contribution  to Economics. In 1898 he became Professor of Political Economy at Yale and later Emeritus professor in 1935. In 1918 he was elected the president of American Economic Association.

Not only was Fisher an economist but a prolific writer, journalist and an inventor too. His articles on various social issues are an example of simple but hard-hitting articles, which are an example for journalists today. As for his invention skills, we still today use “index visible filing system” which was patented by him 1913.