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Gregory Mankiw

Every economics student would have come across Gregory Mankiw’s work at some point of time or the other. Mankiw’s knowledge of economics is rather prolific, and as a professor of introductory economics at Harvard, he has published a number of works that have helped economics students get themselves acquainted with various basic concepts of economic theory. His two textbooks- Macroeconomics and Principles of Economics are probably used in every major university all over the planet.

Gregory Mankiw

N. Greg Mankiw graduated from Princeton and MIT with a degree in economics. His specializations are many- he is one academician that has sought mastery over all fields of economics. He is also passionate about policy debates and studying economic phenomena happening in everyday life as well. His focus is on economic policy, macro and microeconomic theory, and principles of economics. His specialization, however, is in New Keynesian Economics.

What makes Greg Mankiw stand out from many of his peers is the fact that he maintains a steady online presence through his blog. He’s incredibly active on the blog, which has been incredibly popular among economists and the general populace. He comments and studies various economic phenomena around the world, and provides the readers with his interpretations and predictions as well.